FINANCE CITY is a Smart Office and co-working service provider specializing in Office Registrar, collaborative Workplace and Domain Trading Trainings … to meet the needs of owning business address in a central location, working space to weighted, advanced … at Vinhomes Luxury Landmark 81, in its own style suitable for the field of operation.

FINANCE CITY was born to support the provision of virtual office services, Workplace and package offices to help businesses save more “office expenses". In addition, for businesses to have a professional office environment, FINANCE CITY also provides a full-service package including: lounge, meeting room, mailing…

FINANCE CITY always understands and wishes to share difficulties in financial, cost, office matters… FINANCE CITY always wants to provide customers with optimal services, with top service experience. We emphasize more on human value, corporate value and social value.

When you come to FINANCE CITY, you only need to spend an amount equal to the value of the service you use and there is no excess cost. We are committed to reducing your waste to “zero" and giving you the most special attention and care, the quality of service is always the first criterion for us to strive and make goals. business.

Address: 25OT03 Landmark 81, Vinhomes Central Park, 720A Dien Bien Phu Street, Ward 22, Binh Thanh District, HCM City

A virtual office gives businesses a physical address and office-related services with minimal overhead cost of lease and administrative staff. The Founder and Chairman of BANKGROUP CORPORATION established Finance City to do just that – to offer advanced technology to aid the community to run their business at a minimal operation cost.
Finance City is financial-saving. The below diagram depicts all of our available services.

Loans Personal and Business – Personal loan is fund transferred to an individual on installment repayment with added interest scheme for personal use. Usually in the span of five years repayment plan. Business loan is fund transferred to a business entity on installment repayment with added interest scheme to meet the needs of growing business. The business entity shall repay the loan within agreed repayment duration.
Bank Guarantee (BG) – BG is an important banking agreement in promoting international and domestic trade. The lending institution will ensures that the liabilities of a debtor are covered in the event that the debtor fails to settle a debt.
Remittance of Funds (RoF) – A remittance is transferring funds from one place to another through a wire transfer, mail, draft or check, often used by foreign workers to send fund or money to their family in their home country.
Home and Mobile Banking – Home banking (H-Banking) is the process of completing financial transaction from one’s own home as opposed to utilizing a branch of a bank. Mobile banking (M-Banking) is the process of performing balance checks, account transactions, payments and other banking transactions through mobile device. H-Banking and M-Banking does not require walk-in to a branch office of a bank.
Investment Planning – Investment planning focuses on matching financial goals and objectives according to investors’ risk assessment and financial resources. There many different types of investments. However, the most commonly used are cash, equities, bonds and property.

A ton of cool stuff and facilities are available in the building and it’s vicinity. We’ve made sure you get special offers for all of them. Moreover we will soon have daily lunches and full concierge services available on site!

Convenient for daily shopping.
Modern Gym
Work it digitally and then physically.
Yoga Studio
For those that seek spirituality.
Italian, Traditional, BBQ, Chinese and more.
Parking Lot
Never worry about where to park again.
Vinpearl Luxury Hotel
The most luxury 5 Star Hotel in VietNam